How UAVs are revolutionizing adventure filmmaking

How UAVs are revolutionizing adventure filmmaking

Matador Ambassador Shon Bollock explains (beginning at 5:13) how he uses a GoPro mounted to a UAV to incorporate groundbreaking aerial shots into his filmmaking.

The aerial shot is perhaps the most sought-after angle in the world of film and video production today. Thousands upon thousands of dollars are spent hiring helicopters and planes to get the unique perspective only being in the air can give. National Geographic photographer George Steinmetz made a name for himself with his stunning aerial work done from beneath his fan-powered paraglider.

For the average traveler or photographer without a huge budget or highly specialized equipment, the aerial realm has been a fantasy. Until now. Matador Ambassador Shon Bollock helped develop a new product by a company called DJI that aims to bring the rarefied air of aerial photography within reach of the weekend warrior. Shon helped produce the video above unveiling the project…it really needs to be seen to believed.

An unmanned aerial vehicle that fits in a kayak or your backpack!? DJI calls it the future of possible. I call it some serious next level shit.

– Matador Ambassador Cody Doucette

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